Your loft could be the answer to giving you the extra storage room in your home that you’ve always wanted. Loft boarding is a relatively cheap option to creating more storage space in your home. 

Ben Eaves Contractors are specialist loft board installers. We have helped many customers to increase the amount of storage space in their homes by installing loft boards and converting their dark, dusty lofts, into a hospitable, bright, clean and easily accessible space. At the same time we can help your to improve the quality of your insulation and so improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. And we improve accessibility to lofts by installing new hatches and ladders. 

Loft Board Installation 

At Ben Eaves Contractors we use high quality tongue and groove specialist loft board flooring which is raised above the level of your existing joists, by installing a timber sub-frame which gives a safe and strong platform. Each board is 18mm thick and measures either 2400x600mm or 1200x600mm. All joints are staggered to provide maximum strength. 
The timber subframe raises the floor above the joists by 75mm and is installed running in the opposite direction to the joists. We carry this out because. 
A raised floor ensures that the correct level of insulation (see ‘Insulation’) can be maintained throughout the whole loft space. 
A raised floor allows all electrical wires, light fittings, and other electrical items are cleared with no risk of impeding them and thier safety. 
The timber sub-frame fitted helps to strengthen the floor in the loft as the load is then spread over a wide area, and not concentrated in one place. 
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Extra Loft Insulation 

Loft insulation is a quick and relatively cheap way for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. When we install the raised subframe on the joist we will add 100mm insulation. We lay this the opposite way to the joists (on top of the layer which is fitted between your joists), ensuring that full coverage is achieved, keeping gaps in insulation to a minimum. The product we use as a standard is Knauf 100mm loft Roll.  

Loft Ladders and Hatches 

It is important to have an opening into your loft that allows you to make good use of your loft space. It should be easy to access with a secure specilist loft ladder and the hatch should also be well insulated and air tight so that the loft opeing/hatch is not a ‘weak point’ in an otherwise well insulated loft. 

Consider a new hatch if: 

Your existing hatch is made out of either ply wood or MDF and not insulated 
It is the “push up” type, with no hinges making it difficult to open. 
Your existing hatch opening is in the wrong location 
The loft opening is just too small 
Ben Eaves Contractors can solve the problem by creating a new opening or make the existing one larger ensuring easy access to your loft space. We recommend installing a neat, insulated, draught proofed energy efficient, swing down hatch, together with a catch that is compatible with the ladder pole. 

Loft Ladders 

Loft ladders make it easier to access your loft allowing you to make full use of the extra space. Many people leave the loft untouched due to the fact access is poor, but with a loft ladder using the loft becomes much easier. 
Safety is also important when using your ladder as you will be up to 3 meters off the ground. A loft ladder takes you straight into the loft without you having to climb into it offering a safer option. 
Here are Ben Eaves Contractors of Redditch our team will supply and install all types of loft ladders for homes. We ensure that the type of loft ladder we install is correctly specified for plasterboard or lathe and plaster ceilings. 
Our most popular loft ladders are aluminium - either 2 section, or 3 section. The choice of ladder will depend upon the celining height, the loft hatch opening size and the amount of space available and arc clearance in the loft. 

Hatch and Ladder Combo 

Another option would be to have the Loft Access Kit fitted which is a large wooden loft hatch combined with a timber folding loft ladder attached to the door for easy access into your loft space. We recommend the installation of the The Eco S Line which is a 3 section folding timber loft ladder with an insulated draft proof hatch. 
A handrail to aid safe climbing  
Slip-resistant treads and feet  
Easy use; timber pull and push rod 
The loft ladder is stored within the trapdoor so no loft floor space is used.  
Rubber draught excluder and 20mm thick white-faced trap door with highly insulated design reduces heat loss 


Project 1 

Project 2 

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